Akshara School - General Instructions

Maharshi Hatiram Memorial Educational Trust (R) recognized by the Government of Karnataka was established in the year 2015, started Akshara school at Akshara Nagara, Chennamumbapura, Sawalangaroad, Shivamogga is affiliated to CBSE...

Akshara - General Instructions

     The Akshara uniform is compulsory on all Akshara working days, National festivals and Akshara functions.
     A pair of uniform set must be kept apart to be worn on special occasions.
     Students are not allowed to wear colour dress or distribute sweets or any article on their birthdays.
     Students should come to the Akshara clean and tidy. Uniforms should be neatly pressed
and shoes are compulsory and must be neatly polished.
     Hair should be well trimmed and combed.
     Nails must be kept clean and filed regularly.
     Black ribbons must be used to tie the hair. Colour ribbons and colour hair bands should not be used.
Only black slides to be used. Students are not permitted to wear long dangling earrings or any gold jewellery.

Regular Uniform:
Girls: Cream shirt and black skirt
Boys: Cream shirt and black trousers

Girls: House T-shirt and white skirt
Boys: House T-shirt and white trousers

Sports uniform:
Girls: House T-shirt Track pant
Boys: House T-shirt Track pant

School Timings:
On week days - 9:30 to 4:30
Saturday - 9:30 to 2:30