Akshara School - Vision and Mission

Maharshi Hatiram Memorial Educational Trust (R) recognized by the Government of Karnataka was established in the year 2015, started Akshara school at Akshara Nagara, Chennamumbapura, Sawalangaroad, Shivamogga is affiliated to CBSE

Vision and Mission Statements

The Akshara School envisions to provide high quality comprehensive primary, secondary and higher education to build a knowledge base upon which the future citizens shall be enabled to face the CHALLENGES OF CHANGES.

To provide comprehensive elementary education, secondary and higher education with competencies in learning, speaking and presentation of talents and skills. To provide education that enables the children to acquire basic qualities of learning to know. To provide physical, cultural knowledge skills which activate the physical and mental actions of the young (children), to make future generation physically, mentally and spiritually strong.


We at Akshara School Shivamogga aspire -
     To provide modern education, focusing importance on Indian values and culture.
     To encourage creativity and innovation within each child so as to make him/her an able contributor
         to the society.
     To enable our students to grow into global citizens of tomorrow imbibing the best of values,
         respecting individual cultural and religious differences hand in hand with academic excellence.
     To instill in the children environmental consciousness incorporating sustainable practices for a better tomorrow.
     To provide to all faculty members opportunity of growth through enhancement of knowledge in their
         fields of learning.