Institutions by Akshara - Akshara School

Maharshi Hatiram Memorial Educational Trust (R) recognized by the Government of Karnataka was established in the year 2015, started Akshara school at Akshara Nagara, Chennamumbapura, Sawalangaroad, Shivamogga is affiliated to CBSE...

Institutions by Akshara - Akshara School

The school and college building is housed with excellent well equipped and spacious laboratories and instructional facilities relevant to the course of the studies. Well qualified staff augment the resources for the overall benefits of the students. The spacious classrooms are well equipped with modern audio-visual equipment and are designed to facilitate class room discussions and active participation of both the teachers and students. The CCTV camera fitted in the campus and the GPS facility in our transport system ensures safety of the students and the children of this institution. The children and the students shall be trained in all the required skills to make them fit to be the good citizens of the society. The skills are, soft skills, employability skills, sports, games and cultural, public speaking etc. A special attention is given to the practices of yoga and meditation and spiritual learning.

The office bearers of this Trust are also running another Trust, Saint Hathiram Memorial Education Trust (R) (2013) which has established the following institutions:

Akshara School(2014) recognized by the Department of Public Instructions, Government of Karnataka and CBSE syllabus (New Delhi)

Akshara Composite PU College (2013) recognized by the Pre-university Education Board, Government of Karnataka.